New Tools Help Find Cell Phone Numbers

Study show that more and more people are ditching their old landline telephones in favor of cell phones. A recent study, in fact, showed that 21 percent of people had already gotten rid of their landline telephone, and that number goes even higher the younger the person is. The convenience of a cell phone has become essential, but it's become even less convenient to find someone's cell phone number with their name. In fact, until recently it was nearly impossible unless you had the number written down somewhere.

A lot of people looking for a person's cell phone number will probably find themselves stuck at a dead end when using typical sources. Looking for a cell phone number these days needs a lot more than Google or some online white pages. To find good, accurate information, peopling looking to find a cell number really need to do the things private investigators do -- search public records. It's not hard, a huge industry has sprung up that offers people tools to lookup phone numbers and other information through public records.

New services like ours even go one step further by tapping into a huge database of phone numbers collected over the years. These numbers can come from a number of places, many times marketers and advertisers will add phone numbers to their database when people sign up for contests on or offline. This dual-pronged approach can help users find cell phone numbers quickly and easily and all online.